Case Study

Niky Hamilton - Women's Resilience Coach, Synergy Women

Niky turned her own life setback and breakthroughs into a powerful online program and retreat, to inspire and empower women to Rise UP and transform through life challenges.


Nik knew she had a much needed offering and had already helped women in this space, but she needed help to take her vision bigger and reach more people. We worked with Nik to put our system into place. This allowed her to free up her time and take the stress out of filling spots, so she could focus on her program and clients. Within the first 3 months we generated:


  • 1,600+ Qualified leads

  • $7.20  Cost per Lead

  • 70+ Qualified sales calls

"I would highly recommend you to others. You’ve just completely changed my ability to do Facebook ads!  I was struggling... I have done so many different mini courses on how to figure out Facebook ads, and I get lost in the jungle every single time.


The traction and results have really proven what you do works. 


It’s been a hugely appreciated service to know that that side of it is taken care of and I can look after what I need to do, to offer out what I want to offer to the world."  - Niky